Family Bibles

Auckerman Family Bible

Information copied from the (Jacob) Auckerman Family Bible, which I saw at Uncle John Auckerman's house in 1977.--WJA

Jacob and Rachel (Robbins) Auckerman
April 21, 1836
Jacob Auckerman June 4, 1812
Rachel Auckerman June 3, 1816
James Auckerman June 24, 1837
William Auckerman July 30, 1839
Anny Auckerman October 16, 1841
John W. S. Auckerman June 10, 1843
Laura Auckerman September 1, 1845
Sarah Auckerman October 23, 1847
Rachel Auckerman August 22, 1870
James Auckerman December 17, 1838
Anny Auckerman September 9, 1846
Laura Auckerman September 21, 1846
On a separate page was written: Mary Auckerman born December 3, 1837

Drake Family Bible

Information copied from the (John) Drake Family Bible, which I saw at Uncle John Auckerman's house in 1977.--WJA

Marriage: John W. Drake (age 22) and Sally Holloway (age 21),
August 8, 1871; El Paso, Illinois

Name Born
Margaret Drake July 13, 1872 September 21, 1878
Elisha Drake January 8, 1875 May 17, 1877
William P. Drake March 27, 1876 March 28, 1901
Maranda Drake November 17, 1877 March 29, 1944
George W. Drake March 1, 1879 March 23, 1879
Maud Drake September 14, 1880 1944
Minnie Drake " December 5, 1936
Lucretia Drake May 16, 1884 February 26, 1886
(Stepmother - Denmark)
Anna Marie Drake August 27, 1852 October 24, 1906
John W. Drake November 9, 1849 April 7, 1929
Sally Drake 1850 October 26, 1885
Anna Marie Thompson Drake  
Minnie Drake Mischer  
Maud Drake Flagg  


Prepared by Wm. Auckerman

Auckerman-Robbins Family Bible

Information copied from a two-page printout that I saw in the "Auckerman family file" in the genealogy room of the Briggs Lawrence County Public Library in Ironton, Ohio, in October 2000. (It was the only document in the file.) Handwritten at the bottom of the second page was "from Thomas Adkins - President of Scioto County Chapter." Transcribed here with all spellings as in the printout. (Note: Mary Cathrine Auckerman was a sister of my ancestor Jacob Auckerman; John Robbins is possibly a brother of Rachel Robbins, Jacob's wife.)--WJA

No Date (circa 1820)
Stereotyped by E. White, New York
John Robbins marrie to Mary Cathrine Ackerman Decenber the 29th 1831.
John Auckerman was married to Anny Dorrathea Shaver August the 22nd 1810.
John Robbins born the 20th of November 1808.
Mrs. Robbins was born the 17th of November 1812.
Nancy Robbins was born the 23rd day of August 1829.
Sarah Ann Robbins was born the 21st day of November 1832.
Abigail Robbins was born the 9th day of March 1834.
Mary Jane Robbins was born the 27th of February 1835.
Joseph Robbins was born the 5th day of January 1837.
John Wesley Robbins was born April 14, 1839.
John Auckerman, the son of Stofel and Elisibeth Auckerman, was born the 5th of November 1786.
Willim Auckerman was born August the 30th 1811.
Mary Cathrin Auckerman was born November the 17th 1812.
Jacob Auckerman was born June the 4th 1814.
Mary Auckerman was born April the 2nd 1816.
Sarey Auckerman was born January the 11th 1818.
Salloman Auckerman was born December the 18th 1819.
John Auckerman was born December the 18th 1821.
Samuel Auckerman was born December the 11th 1823.
Daved Auckerman was born April the 19th 1825.
Elizabeth Auckerman was born January the 9th 1826.
Julian Auckerman was born September the 7th 1828.
Hannah Auckerman was born August the 29th 1830.
Rebeca Auckerman was born January the 23rd 1833.
Dannel Auckerman was born April the 3rd 1835.
Joel Auckerman was born October the 6th 1837.
Abigail Robbins died the 9th day of April 1836.
John Robbins died the 6th day of August 1840.
Mary Cathrine Robbins died the 1st day of July 1842.
Sarey Ann Robbins died the 6th day of April 1843.
Joel Auckerman died the 6th day of February 1842.
Anna D. Auckerman died the 25th September 1846.
Mary Jane Robbins McCarty died November 15, 1913.

Prepared by Wm. Auckerman

NOTE: I downloaded the following from in August 2001; no submitter/transcriber listed; presented as found.--WJA

Jacobs, Shuff & Auckerman Bible Records

Most of the writing on this documet is unreadable due to age and faded ink. But I will list what I can read.

page 1

? died April 10, 1900
? Jacobs died Jan. 25, ?
Geo. C. Davison died Sept. 17, 1907
Mrs. Mary A. Shuff died Oct. 20, 1910
Solomon Shuff died Oct. 13, 1884
Ellen Jacobs died Feb. 6, 1914
H. W. Jacobs died Sept. 28, 191?
Anna Auckerman died Sept. 30, ?
Mrs. Arizona E. Auckerman died May 29, 1920

page 2

Sylvania Jacobs ad Geo. Davison married Jan. 12, 189?
John B. Auckerman and Arizona Jacobs married Aug. 9, 1905
Ellender & ? married October 23, 19?
Gold Wellford Jacobs and Maud Hook was married July 3, 1906.

page 3

Naomi Jacobs b. Jan. 10, 186?
Arizona Jacobs b. June or Jan. 18?
Sylvania Jacobs b. May 16, 1867
Gold Wellford Jacobs b. Feb. 9, 18?
? Jacobs b. Oct. 10, 18?
Rose Shirley Jones b. on thurs. June 13, 1895
? b. on thurs. April 8, 1900
Cecil Riley Jacobs? b. ? 1902
Harrison N. Jacobs b. June 2, 1807 or 1907
Ellender Ann Davison b. May 6, 1887 or 1937
Urick Harrison Auckerman b. friday, Oct.12, 1906 at half past 8: o'clock am.
Lillian Ellender Jacobs b. Nov. 1, 1908
Georgia ? b. 1910
Lewis Wellford ? b. Nov. 23, 1913

page 4

Mrs. J. B. Auckerman joined ? Baptist Church, Ja.4, 1906
High water Mar. 31, 1913. Thirteen inches higher than 1884.