Assorted Marriage Records

I copied the following two records from Champaign County, Illinois Marriage Records (Alliance Chapter DAR, volume 8; 1969), which I saw at the Daughters of the American Revolution Library in Washington, DC, in January 1984.--WJA

(page 9)
Frederick Flagg, Rantoul, Ill.
Maude Drake, Rantoul, Ill.
(marriage performed by) J.W. Carter, minister of gospel
July 8, 1900
(page 123)
William Auckerman, Rainsboro, Ohio and/or Lowell, Ind.
Maranda Drake, Rantoul, Ill.
(marriage performed by) A.R. Spicer, minister of gospel
September 16, 1903

I copied this from handwritten information that I saw at Aunt Elsie Johnson's house in 1982 (See "Other Information" page for a full transcription.--WJA

J. W. Drake 22 yrs.
Sally Holloway 21 yrs.
marrried at El Paso, Ill., on the 8th of August 1871
witness: T. W. Holder & Nathan Shadbolt
signed by P. A. Crist - minister of Mac (M.E.) Church, El Paso


I downloaded this information from Marshall Co., WV Marriages (1835 - 1889) (found at in August 2001.--WJA

Name Age Birthplace Parents Date Recorded in
Drake George       01 JUN 1851 Bk. 1 Pg. 71
Elder Nancy      
Drake Mary Ann 15 Monongalia Co, WV George & Elizabeth 06 SEP 1860 Bk. 2 Pg. 454
Baker James 24 Franklin Co, PA John & Mariah
Drake Amanda 16     22 MAR 1870  
Magers Samuel D 31    


I copied this from Marriage Records of Scioto Co., Ohio 1803 - 1860 (Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.: Baltimore, 1987)..--WJA

p. 4
Auckerman, Samuel Anne Hinkley Frederick Heron att. ages 27 Nov. 1859 MA, R, D-102
[p. ?]
Ware, Jacob Auckerman, Ann   25 Dec. 1859  
Murrin, Frederick Akerman, Elizabeth   3 Jun 1854  


I copied this from Earliest Marriage Records of Lawrence County, Ohio, Volumes I-II-III; April 11, 1817 to July 23, 1843; (published 1987; no publisher given).--WJA

p. 17
21 Apr. 1836 Ocerman, Jacob Robins, Rachel Peter Lionbarger J.P.
p. 24
13 Sept. 1840 Roberts, Joel Ockerman, Sarah Peter Lionbarger J.P.


I copied this information from Greenup County, Kentucky, Marriage Records, 1904-1911.--WJA.

Auckerman, John B. 42 Jacobs, Arizona 39 Aug 9, 1905

Prepared by Wm. Auckerman